Thursday, September 17, 2009

reasons of diet

I came up for reasons of my diet lately...

1. I wanna become more beautiful, even if people less care about it
2. I wanna look good in every cloth, especially in my-future-wedding-gown
3. I wanna look good... even when I'm naked... at least not with these specks...
4. It's just troublesome when you buy something "all size", but you cannot fit in
5. I just love to hear they say "hey... you look slimmer than before"
6. I'm getting afraid of medical check up (just hate to know the truth about my unhealthiness)
7. It annoys me when I see my reflection in a mirror... I feel so ugly..
8. I feel guilty when I eat too much
9. It's just too sad when I look into my old photos and compare with how I am today
10. Because I wanna try those acrobatic kamasutra's positions without trouble :)

Well it's just too hard to resist temptation...
But I try my best this time.... wish I can endure it through winter....


At school, we learned to be a good person in some heroic way. There were too much fairy tales and superhero stories that made us wanted to be the good one. They taught us about this world just in black and white as it is.

But this world is unfortunately grey. That's what we learned when we grow up. Time to time we hit a huge wall about truth.

The truth about how money can change people's heart so much. In the end we're hero no more, but just a plain normal villain. For money we can lie, betray, and kill.

They said that money can't buy everything is a huge lie. Money really CAN buy EVERYTHING. It's just depend on how wise you use it.